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"The author is adept at pulling together stories of many different people of many different stripes, and the results are outrageous as they are believable" ... Kirkus

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In an orphanage, two discarded and psychologically damaged young boys become kindred souls, unaware that they are half-brothers.

The saga begins in the latter years of the 19th century when Jacob, a pious man, emigrates from Lebanon as detailed in his diary. He arrives in a new land with high expectations and has twelve children. One deviant son becomes a priest.

Alfredo in contrast to Jacob, is a lecherous incestuous drunkard of Italian immigrants. Two of his daughters suffer anguish and are spurned as the deviant priest responsible for the insidious betrayal of the sisters is protected by the church.
One sister chooses to keep her child and is forced to marry the brother of her defiler.

The portrayal and emotional interweave of the families, their relationships and divergent personalities is the backdrop to the story of the abandoned brothers.

My latest novel


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A love story with a dark twist.


Verena leaves the sanctuary of convent life and reluctantly accepts a position as nanny to the two young girls of a wealthy entrepreneur and solo father.

Naïve and emotionally scarred, Verena endeavours to escape her nefarious past unaware that she possesses a mystical gift.

Can she save those whom she loves, even though she cannot save herself?

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